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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

June 9, 2005 Ver.1
Kenji Yamauchi
New Registon Co., Ltd.

New Registon Co., Ltd. observes private information protection law as described below.

  1. We treat private information in accordance with laws, regulations and guidelines, and appoint the person in charge of handling private information to manage the information properly.
  2. We obtain private information in a legitimate and fair manner to the extent necessary for our business. Also we clarify the utilization purpose for customer, and obtain the information with the consent of customer.
  3. We use the obtained information within the scope of the utilization purpose or the matters connected with the utilization purpose reasonably, to the extent necessary for our business. When we share the information with a third party or entrust the information to a third party, we will practice appropriate management of the usage and protect the information for the third party to ensure the proper utilization.
  4. We do not disclose any information to a third party without customer’s consent, unless we receive an order pursuant to the legislation.
  5. We maintain private information accurate and up to date, manage it safely, and take measures to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destroy, falsification or leak of the information.
  6. We understand that customer has the right to disclose, correct, suspend or delete the information. Please contact us if you have any requests about your information such as disclose, correct or delete your private information. According to law, we will take prompt action within the limit considered to be reasonable.
  7. Basically, we do not obtain private information without customer’s consent. If you do not wish us to have your information, you can decide on your own whether to offer information to us through our website or other methods. The provision of private information by a person under 16 years old requires parental consent.
  8. We use the private information for the following purposes.
    • Promotion, sale and provision of our products
    • Contact, negotiation, meeting and fulfillment of contract with a customer
    • Response to inquiries or requests from a customer
    • Conducting of questionnaire survey
    • Contact, negotiation, meeting and fulfillment of contract with a partner company
    • Response to inquiries or requests from a partner company
  9. We establish a management system to manage and treat private information properly.
  10. We continue to review and improve the management system of private information.

Contact information for inquiries and complaints regarding private information

Contact: Administrative Department
Address: 2-1-1 Ayumino, Izumi, Osaka 594-1157 JAPAN


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