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Product info

Mini Blue Cerac

Mini Blue Cerac
  • Grinding
  • Mill scale removal
  • Deburring
  • Surface grinding
  • Chamfering
  • light duty grinding, polishing
  • Descaling
  • Paint stripping
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • Cast iron
  • One-Touch
  • Mini grinder


Ceramic Grain

  • Triangular shaped ceramic grains with high grinding force.
  • Maintain high stock removal with minute clushing ability peculiar to ceramic grain.

Depressed Center Wheel

  • Depressed Center Wheel is designed to keep movable flange from getting in the way .

All-in-one Dedicated Pad

  • The special pad with protrusions adjusts the grinding pressure to prevent clog and maintain high grinding force.
  • Cushioned pad allows wheel to soft contact with workpiece.
  • Grinding wheel, pad and flange are integrated (One-touch Type), prevent wheel run out and deformation.

New Phase of Stock Removal and Durability

*Our experimental data.The durability of 100mm depressed center wheel A/WA24P is taken as 100.


  • Surface grinding such as general steel, stainless steel or alumimnum,Deburring, Chamfering,Descaling,Light grinding, Mill scale or paint removal .etc


Grit Packing Outer Box
(pcs × inner box)
Max rpm
58 36 50pcs
(10pcs × 5)
75 36 50pcs
(10pcs × 5)
  • The unit of diameter, thickness and bore is the mm.
  • Each product lines are available in different sizes, please contact us.


Working surface


How to mount and remove depressed center wheel MINI BLUE CERAC

How to mount

Tighten the depressed center wheel MINI BLUE CERAC until there is no gap between wheel and fixed flange.

*Do not tighten the wheel excessively.
*Follow the instruction of grinder you use to mount the wheel.

Remove depressed

Loosen the wheel in the reverse order of the mounting and remove it.

*If the wheel is too tight to loosen, use a hex wrench (3mm across flats) to loosen the screw and remove it.



  • Use at an angle of 15 degrees or less.
  • Prevent side of wheel from contact with corner or projections of weld bead.
  • When grinding workpiece that has irregular surface, hold a wheel down from directly above and move it towards operator.
  • The pad and wheel are integrated, do not disassemble and use.

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